We Will Dance Again

As a celebration of the talented music scene and vibrant community spirit of our small town St Andrews, Asha Sound System have put together a full day of programming on Edinburgh's finest independent radio station, EH-FM.

We Will Dance Again brings together a selection of our favourite collectives, musicians, and sound makers. Listen out for some big appearances from old friends - including Szentek's 2017 headliner Palms Trax and our very own past and present Szentek residents - Max Dupa, Bessel and Content.


Palms Trax, Wheelman, Ziplock [Shapework], Reizen, Samson Sounds, BPM Music Collective, Más Allá [Copper Coil], Tom Spirals, Andrew Thomson [Huntleys + Palmers], Bessel + MCK [Wax Collective], Reclude [Asha Sound System], Content + Leo, Max Dupa [Szentek, ft. spoken word from Annabel Steele], Too This For That

"Blessed we forget these scary yet momentarily calm periods in time and reflect on the past and towards the future"

Limited edition We Will Dance Again T-shirts are also available, designed by SULKE Clothing and Jemma Chatwin.

All proceeds go towards the charity Social Bite in Edinburgh, and you can get yours here.

Big thanks to everyone involved for bringing us together and keeping us dancing from our own homes! #wewilldanceagain

Tune into EH-FM on Saturday 25th April from 10am: https://www.ehfm.live/

Facebook Event:https://www.facebook.com/events/1202792183399724/

Resident Advisor Streamland: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1407600


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Music never lets you down
Puts a smile on your face
Anytime, any place
Dancing helps relieve the pain
Soothes your mind, makes you happy again
Listen to those dancing feet
Close your eyes and let go
But it don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing
Bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa

Chic - Everybody Dance from the album: Chic (1977)