Nou's Ode to the Club

We miss the club. We’re sure you do too. Immerse yourself in this mix taking you through a journey of 140, breaks and footwork including some club stompers, produced by black & Asian producers. Please check them out in the tracklist below and let Nou take you back to the club <3

~ cover art by Laura Russell ~


Chunky - Chava

CANDO - Bleak

Hagan - On Sight

James Bangura - Resolve

Parris - Aqua Surge

KG - Sensei

Ahadadream - Hydration

BEARCAT - Emergency

Batu - Shiratani

Anz - Stepper

Scratchclart - IC3


bastiengoat - CHELT

Raheim - Baby

Hagan - Ultra

Ikonika - Terminus

SUMGII - Skanker

Hi5ghost - Breathe (Saule Remix)

TEARZ - Absolute Pressure

Slikback - MOB


Ikonika - Body Servants

A.G - bae.g’s lullaby

T5UMUT5UMU - Tsushima [Breaks]

Tah - Porno

FAUZIA - tell me, what’s up?

AceMo - Malleable Space

Yazzus - Dreamwalker

Suzi Analogue - ConversationStarter

DJ Love - you deadass.

Kush Jones - The JP Jam

Sinistarr - I Pop, I Jit


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Music never lets you down
Puts a smile on your face
Anytime, any place
Dancing helps relieve the pain
Soothes your mind, makes you happy again
Listen to those dancing feet
Close your eyes and let go
But it don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing
Bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa

Chic - Everybody Dance from the album: Chic (1977)