A Look Back at Szentek 2019

It was a delight to dance with everyone at Szentek 2019 — our fourth edition which saw three stages of music and over 1200 guests dancing in an art-filled barn by the sea, deep in the Fife countryside. 

The main stage was opened by Max Dupa b2b Neb with live instrument accompaniment from Too This For That, followed by a techno-heavy set from Eclair Fifi. Headliner Optimo played to the crowd with an all-vinyl feel good finale. 

Room 2 was powered by Asha Soundsystem and decked out with incredible live visuals by Zmotionz. Opened by Edinburgh heavyweights Palidrone and followed by a high intensity acid set from IDA, Peverelist finished the night off with energetic bass heavy goodness.

Outside was the Szentek Alliance stage, reserved exclusively for local and upcoming talent: opened by all female collective Copper Coil and followed by Wax Collective and our own Szentek residents (Nou, Bessel, Albion, Eclect). 

We were delighted to raise a total of £10,000 for our chosen charity, Variety Scotland. Our best year yet by far and bringing our cumulative donation to £22,000, we want to THANK EVERYONE who has ever bought a ticket to any of our events or been involved with our efforts to contribute to this incredible cause. 

Variety Scotland is based in Glasgow and they work to help less fortunate children to reach their full potential by providing practical help such as wheelchairs and specialist equipment. More information regarding the charity can be found here.

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Music never lets you down
Puts a smile on your face
Anytime, any place
Dancing helps relieve the pain
Soothes your mind, makes you happy again
Listen to those dancing feet
Close your eyes and let go
But it don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing
Bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa, bop-shoo-wa

Chic - Everybody Dance from the album: Chic (1977)